Aktif Süspansiyon Sistemli Çeyrek Araç Modelinin Optimal Gözlemleyiciyle Kontrolü

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As technological advances in automotive industry and roads construction techniques have made transportation faster, new comfort and safety matters have become the subject of engineering. Many vibrations caused by internal and external factors affect comfort and safety in negative ways. To damp these vibrations, active suspensions requiring controllers because of their complex structures are widely used. In this study, firstly ¼ car model having active suspension has been modeled with Luenberger observer, used on the occasions state variables cannot be determined efficiently. Then, the system has been combined with optimal feedback controller according to certain performance criteria. This new controller has been designed in MATLAB / SIMULINK environment, and the system response has been evaluated after applying roads disturbance inputs.

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Aktif Süspansiyon, Optimal Gözlemleyici Kontrol, Çeyrek Taşıt, Durum Geri Besleme

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